Artisanal Estate Vineyards and Winery

Németh Attila Gábor
3036 Gyöngyöstarján, Borjúmáj tanya
Tel/fax: 06 37 372 203
Mobil: 06 20 954 2772
e-mail: info@concubina.hu

We invite you for an on-site tasting! Please call ahead to arrange a time for your visit. We are not yet set up for groups of greater than 20.

All of our current releases are available both for tasting and for purchase at the estate.

The „Borjumaj” winery is just 200 meters west of Gyongyostarjan. To get there, find the town church first, take a left, follow the winding Dobo street all the way out of town. We'll be on your right.

Herczeg Zoltán (hangulatfotók, www.hangulatfoto.hu)
Szalontai Ábel (Concubina termékfotók, www.szalontai.hu)