Wine is: culture.

It has been so since times immemorial. We find so much more in a glass of fine wine than we would assume at first sight. The wine speaks of us as much as it does of our forefathers and all the incomprehensible moments of the past that make us alive in the present. Wine walks us through this journey. The love for wine remains sacred.

From the very beginning, my wines have been deeply rooted in artisanship. I strive to create something uniquely recognizable and pleasurable for all. It is a delight to unearth the emotions, feelings, and pleasure that surface from my wine; I treasure the friendships and romance born with each sip.

I have tremendous respect for diversity in wine and for the effort in its creation. Great wines from around the globe remind us that we humans can rise above color, gender and rank.

My name is Attila Gabor Nemeth, born in 1972. I hold degrees in agriculture, viticulture and enology. My wines are the focus of my life.